VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


abbreviation / stand for 

the quick learning capability – the ability to learn efficiently / I am a fast learner / being a fast learner 

I fluently got my degree – i easily / quickly / smoothly

end up with the same project – finally you had the same project
eg. I was planning to get married but we ended up breaking up.

pretend – sounds like it’s fake
seem like an expert / come across as an expert

put me in charge of this project


I’m still working my way up / in the early stages of my career

intense – really strong feeling
eg. working as a 3rd party consultant is really intense

focus / specialise
eg. I want to specialise in a certain industry


seek for another job

express your designing concept – design concept 

analysis – n
analysing – vn

plan – n
planning – vn


anxious – aing kshess