VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

make sure each of these points is included in each slide description

details of the slide
the key point
the reason
the result – the pitch / sale


open / close – door / make a space bigger
start / finish – begin / end
turn on / turn off – have power < > no power

technology – ke ji / ji shu
eg. we develop a lot of technology
technical (adj)
eg. men are generally very technical / interested in technical things
technique – the skill you use to do sth
eg. my teaching technique is different from hers

object / picture recognition 

to win an award 

award (win sth)
reward (you get money for doing sth)
eg. Essie got an award for being the best manager of the year.
eg2. I found a dog on the street and gave it to the owner, and got a reward of 100 RMB.

cutting edge tech / top level technology / leading technology – really new / best
eg. we have the leading facial recognition technology for mobile devices

the next slide is / on the next class we have / over on the next page / now on to page 10 / coming up next is… 

30 minutes per session – per viewing time period

the content amount increased 5 point 5 times from last year

it’s growing – it’s increasing in size – it’s booming 

mature platform – cheng shu de …

imagery / metaphor 
the company uses wing imagery as a metaphor for light and comfortable

he’s a pig = he eats too much and is fat


fairy – a little flying magic girl

engagement advertising

cartoon avatar 
profile picture 

we can make a different way to provide more images – we are able to use our technology to create different / alternate / alternative / fresh / advanced / new and improved ways to customise images of the user in combination with imagery from your brand


calorie – ka lor ree

recognition – rek kog nishen
recogniserek kog nieez

female insight – AEIOU focus / few months inside / female inside