VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use: eat + walk – write about what you did in the park today. How often (多久一次) do you go to the park? use: always, often, sometimes, never. 

Next Class Focus

am doing / have done


Today is Saturday – now
Yesterday was Friday
Tomorrow will be Sunday

Sometimes I eat pizza
Yesterday I ate fish
Tomorrow I will eat burger

Sometimes I walk in the park
Yesterday I walked in the park
Tomorrow I will walk in the park

I always like coffee
Yesterday I liked coffee
Tomorrow I will drink coffee

will dance

will jump

yesterday I drank a cup of water
tomorrow I will drink a cup of water


review – fu xi
eg. my homework is review

Monday – one 
Tuesday – two 
Wednesday – looks like a “3” 
Thursday – four 
Friday – five 
Saturday – I sat on the sofa 
Sunday – I played in the sun 

use – yong
eg. How do you make tea? I use a teabag to make tea

make – zuo
eg. I make tea / I make a cake / I make some cookies

start – kai shi
finish – jie shu
eg. When did you start learning English? I started learning English in September
eg2. When will we finish class? We will finish class at 3 o’clock today

today – jin tian
yesterday – zuo tian
eg. What day was yesterday? Yesterday was Friday
eg2. What did you do yesterday? Yesterday I went to school
tomorrow – ming tian
eg. What day will tomorrow be? Tomorrow will be Saturday
eg2. What will you do tomorrow? Tomorrow I will go to the park

Needs more review

come – lai