VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


machanism – the way sth works

activate / boost / enhance your immune system to flight the cancer

better efficacy – it’s more effective / positive efficacy 

hasn’t been approved yet – in the past and a period of time

Median Progression-Free Survival

the length of MPFS is significantly longer with the drug, than without

is better / is longer – is more positive / greater potential / is superior 

so / which means that 

rejuvenate – give you life / energy / strength
eg. this drug can rejuvenate the cancer treatment

accelerate – to make faster

i first would like to present my understanding of the drug and how it operates... so…

find out – sounds like some hidden knowledge

identify – to work it out / research it

segment – the separated parts of a pie chart or other


area – air ree ya
error – e ror

regimine – rej jim men

orphan – or fan
often – oh fen

scenario – 4 sounds – see nar ree yoh
competitior – 4 sounds