VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

lots of conversation focusing on topics from previous classes to spend time reviewing – also did some work on pronunciation, trying not to add sounds to the ends of words


last daythe day before 

vegetarian (doesn’t eat meat) / vegan (doesn’t eat meat products)

meat – beef (cow), pork (pig), lamb / mutton (yang rou), chicken, seafood 

environment – huan jin

bright – liang de < > dull 

quality – zhi liang
feel like a million bucks
eg. I love high quality clothing because it makes me feel like a million bucks

staff – people in a company / people below you in your team
colleague – relationship of the same level in a company
subordinate – someone below you (you manage them)
superior – someone above you (maybe they manage you)

someone I went to school with / we went to school together – tong xue
someone I work with / we work in the same department – tong shi


once every 2-3 months
once a month
think: “10 yuan” not “yuan 10”

if i only eat vegetables i feel horrible – If I only ate vegetables I would feel horrible

most of timemost of the time 

dress casually / dress formally
dress in casual clothes


mosta people eata porka ina this country anda I thinka it’sa ok.