VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


my mom go there six years ago when I am six she says she feels so so well she is doing it but she feels good when after it

My mom went there six years ago when I was six. She says she felt so so while she was doing it but she felt good when after it.

Body Language

Today my topic is Body Language. First I want to ask you a question: What is body language? Body language is a kind of communication which means is has some meaning!

….. What does this mean in China? It means “come here come here!” – we usually do this when we play baskeyball or football because this can make your teammates know what you are saying more easily and you don’t need to actually say anything at all! But, sometimes gestures like this have different meanings in different countries. In Afganistan, thumbs up is an insult! So you can’t do that in this country. In most countries it means “good job!” but not in Afganistan… or the people who live there will be very angry! And, in most countries nodding means “Yes” but do you know what it means in Bulgaria? It means “No!” – so when someone living in Bulgaria says “no” they will nod their head. You shouldn’t forget that!

Finally, I have another question for you. Do you know how people in India say “Yes”? – can anyone guess? …….. It’s like this! haha! It’s called the head bobble, or Indian head shake.

Thank you for listening to my speech!