VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

bring sth from work for us to discuss in detail – whatever you’re thinking about these days.


claws – nails for cats + dogs

paws – hands for cats + dogs

scratch – zhua
eg. I give my cats a scratching post that they can use to scratch which is good for their claws

in the doorway
gate / barrier / fence
eg. I put a barrier in the doorway to stop my cats from coming into my room

window frame 

i put their claws on it to simulate scratching / act like they’re scratching

pack – put sth in a bag
pack < > unpack 


take it apart < > put it together
eg. the guy helps me take it apart

load the truck < > unload 

expectation – things you expect

are you saying ….? – confirming what I think you mean

be responsible for 

I’m my own worst critic = I have really high standards for myself and judge myself stronger than others

accommodate – accept / adapt to
eg. i can accommodate all kinds of people


in the march – in march