VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

conversation + lots of vocabulary.


fluctuating – to go up and down regularly

traffic – the cars, trucks, buses on the road

transport – to take sth from A to B
public transport – buses, trains, metro

travel – to go from A to B

content – the main idea / words
eg. i think your content is useful but not very interesting or fun

insist on your own ideas

positively slowlyas slow as possible

rent – anything
house rent – fang zu

insurance – bao xian
deposit – insurance payment against any risk that you can get refunded

catering – food service (events)
food and beverage – anything related to food / drinks 
– hotels etc

policies and regulations 

cooker – machine / appliance
chef / cook – people


at a restaurant on the bund (on the waterfront / on the edge / on the coast)

on your own
by yourself