VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


feasible / doable / viable
– can do it (formal) 
– can do it (casual) 
– good idea to do it / within our means

lots of mother nature – lots of nature / it’s a really natural place 

he has a good work

work / job
job – position / responsibility
work – what you do / the place / verb (things related to your job)
eg. I’m a teacher, that’s my job. I work every day at work, and my work / job is to help students. I have a lot of work to do.

it’s not quite not really traditional
it’s not quite 4pm – almost but not


on June – in June 

over than 20 years over 20 years / more than 20 years 

he earns with the same income as me

i want to maintain it with at a good quality

he asked me a question says that / i told him says … – he asked me a question and said that…

he could not become / get used to that

you’re not with in a serious relationship

discuss about
talk about
eg. we discussed it a lot / we talked about it a lot


society – “soss sai ye tee”