VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Talked a lot about grammar and made Grace bored.


in all my past lifeever 
eg. this is the best cake I have ever eaten

in her home – at her apartment / house / at home 

click – to press on sth with your finger
eg. they click on my video to watch

peak < > off peak
eg. May to August is peak season for English training
eg2. peak hour is usually 7AM to 9:30AM and 5:30PM – 6:30PM

upper class / middle class / lower class

raise a kid

eg. all girls like money!

contemporary – modern

dark metal
heavy metal
alternative rock 

creative – adj
creativity – n
eg. I’m quite creative

dreadlocks / locks / dreads – zang bian


they wanted to get married
I will marry you

too much people too many people 

higher with thathigher than that 

the rules what that your family give to you

what = the thing that
eg. I have the thing that you need / I have what you need
that / which = and it
eg. I have a pen which is white
eg2. I bought a pen which took 1 hour

I saw a witch which was a wicked witch

pronoun = replaces the actual noun
= the man / my friend / my brother
eg. I saw a man. The man was big. The man was fat. = I saw a man, he was big, and he was fat.
what = the thing
eg. I have what you want = I have the thing that you want.

I am bored because Jesse is boring!