VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


peak hour < > off-peak
eg. I always travel during off-peak hours

it do too far it really is too far 


due = the date it must be done by
eg. your homework is due tomorrow
due to = because of

he showed his appreciation to me by saying I was a crucial part of the team

fine = not bad / i don’t have a problem

5 = great / very good
4 = pretty good / good
3 = good / not bad
2 = fine
1 = not great / not very good

critical – super important / serious
eg. Essie is critical to the projects success = without her the project will fail
eg2. he’s in hospital in a critical condition = very serious

Mon = one
Tue = two
Wed = 3
Thur = four
Fri = five

this is a blanket rule = for the whole company – all staff are included


most of people most people 
most of time – most of the time / mostly 

every season he told his audiencetells 

if you good at one period if you are good in one period of time