VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


conceived – get pregnant
due – when the baby will come out

the baby was conceived in January so it is due in September

down syndrome 

autistic – “special” kids

independent –

temperament – the way sb acts / feels / controls themselves
eg. my husband has a good temperament

temper – easy to get angry
eg. he has a temper / bad temper

give birth – the baby comes out

surgery / cut – shou shu
eg. I need to have surgery on my leg

c-section – cesarean section – surgery to give birth
eg. I will have a c-section because my baby is too big

epidural – wu tong zhen
eg. I need to have an epidural

mild < > serious
eg. the problems with epidural are mild

strict – yan ge – strong acting / rules
eg. my father was super strict

not useful – pointless / useless 

disobedient – sb who doesn’t follow the rules
eg. kids who are disobedient at school will get more homework

get sth to be happymake sb happy 


i became like thati started to like that / i started to have my own thoughts 

they want her back to her hometownthey want her back in her hometown / they want her to go back to her hometown / they want her back 

they focus on their homework
they notice their homework

they focus on the fact that they didn’t finish their homework
they notice that they didn’t finish their homework