VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Talked a lot about grammar from conversation

Next Class Focus

Do the 4 conditionals.


opinionated – sb who thinks their opinion is the most important

KOL – Key Opinion Leader

resource – remember this word!

social (adj) / socialize (v) / socializing (vn / v)
I am social < > I am not social 
I socialize on the weekend with my colleagues
Socializing is tiring


I enjoy being alone / I enjoy coffee / I enjoy dancing / I enjoy doing nothing / I enjoy not needing to do anything

after he corrects me, he asks me to repeat it

we was talking about – we talked about / we were talking about – only use this when needing to talk about a period

i go there for study
i go there to study 

I work for money
I live for dancing
I work to get money
I live to dance

I’m scared of doing / sth 
I’m scared to do sth

I take a photo of you (part of)
I take a photo for you (reason)

I’m used to ___
I’m used to pizza
I’m used to running to work
I’m used to Chinese food
I’m used to living here

I used to live in Japan
I used to have many friends

look – point
see – ability / experience
watch – movement (possible movement)

not real – If I were rich I could buy 10 houses but I would keep the money in my bank.
real – I am rich, so I can buy 10 houses but I will keep the money in my bank.

Yesterday it rained, so I wanted to go to the park… but I didn’t. If it hadn’t rained, I would have gone to the park.


tear – “teer
tear – “tair