VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Talked about her business and some issues she’s having.

Next Class Focus

what’s the difference?


Also, finish reviewing and explaining the grammar from today.


if have some problemsif I have some problems / if there is some problem

i think everything he needs to know – I think we need / he needs to know everything

we have a resolve waywe have a way to resolve it

if i have some ideas different from his if there are ideas that are different from his / if I have some different ideas from him 

I like coffee that is from SB
I like coffee from SB
I like SB coffee

I have done < > I haven’t done
I have < > I don’t have
there is < > there isn’t


control freak – sb who loves to control things
clean freak – sb who loves to keep everything clean
eg. he’s a control freak

fight (high) / argument (middle to high) / disagreement (least)

I say my mind – I speak my mind / I say my idea / I tell him my ideas / tell him my thoughts 

permanent / stable manager

strict (lots of rules) / tough (a bit angry feeling) / firm (strong & clear way to express) – yan ge
eg. he’s a really strict boss
eg2. my company is really strict with teachers because we have high standards
eg3. Trump is tough on immigration
eg4. I try to communicate with my staff who are bad, in a firm but fair way.

make good progress / develop well 

uncomfortable / not comfortable 

frustrating – very annoying 
eg. it’s frustrating for me that I can’t tell him how I feel…

he thinks he has given a lot to the company

30% stake / share
stock –
gu piao
eg. I bought some stock = I bought some shares / I bought a 30% stake

follower – someone who follows others
leader < > follower