VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


star sign – xin zuo

similarities (n)
eg. there are some similarities between different star signs

donate – give sth
devote – promise / give yourself (all of yourself) to sth

the total class – the whole class

recruit – bring people into a company
eg. we need to recruit lots of people

consider = think about
eg. I will consider it

discuss = talk about
eg. I will discuss it

character – the root of who you are

personality – what you present

entrepreneur – sb who starts their own business – on tra preh newerr / nyerr

risk (n) / risky (adj)
eg. I don’t want to take too much risk / it is too risky

vietnam – yue nan
eg. I want to move to vietnam

ice skating – on ice
skiing / ski – on snow

eg. I will do a writing exercise at home. I need to practice my writing. – lian xi
eg2. I will exercise at the gym tomorrow night. I do lots of leg exercises when I go there. – jian shen

digestion – the process your stomach uses to eat food
eg. my digestion has been really good since I started eating fruit and vegetables

appetite – the feeling of wanting to eat
eg. i have a big appetite these days because i’m pregnant
eg2. i lost my appetite after drinking a bad coffee


we are in the same star sign we are the same star sign / we have the star sign 

they will consider of their star sign