VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Discussed some life topics including having kids and hormones – mostly vocabulary focus


we can settle them outsideput / keep them outside

shed – to lose hair (animals) / get rid of (business)
eg. my cat sheds before summer
eg2. we need to shed some costs if we’re going to do well this year

breed – a type of cat / dog
eg. that breed of dog doesn’t shed

geese – 2+ goose

swan – tian e

merchandise / merch – products that a brand (or KOL) sells to promote itself

anesthetic – ma yao – “an nes thet tick”
local anesthetic – just part of your body
general anesthetic – asleep
eg. I had a local anesthetic during my c-section

c-section – cesarean section

hormone – he er men / yi su
eg. when I had a baby there were so many hormones flowing through my body

give me stitches / got stitches – they close your open skin with this – skin
eg. the dr was giving me stitches and I could feel it

the stitches in my shirt are coming out – clothing

scar – the line that you still have after you cut yourself even years later
eg. I still have the scar from when I had the c-section


take some effort
take effect – be effective / start to see the effect
make effort / put in effort – to try

there is another reason is that – there is another reason which is that / another reason is that…


zoo – not “zoom” 

energy / strategy – jee

bald – baallllld