VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


get sick of it / get tired of it – you did it too much so you don’t want to anymore
eg. I’m so sick of starbucks… i drink it too often

communicate (v) – communication (n)

the chinaChina 

i want to like him – I want to be like him / I want to become like him

in the first at first 

multicultural – many cultures together
single – 1
multi – 2 + / many

you’re right – exactly / definitely / yeah / that’s it / totally

yes – yeah / yep / yup 

clear skies – no clouds
eg. Dubai is just clear skies every day

the photo doesn’t do it justice – the photo is not as good as the real life thing

religion / religious – anything related to gods
eg. I’m not religious

Islam / Islamic
Christianity / Catholicism  / Christian / Catholic 
Buddhism / Buddhist 
Judaism / Jew / Jewish

aboriginals – the native Australian

describe / describing – xing rong

break the law 
eg. the man broke the law so he will go to jail

illegal – sth you can’t do

treated badly / poorly in Australia

capital punishment / death penalty – the government kills you because you did sth really bad


mosque – “mosk”

Moscow – Russia – “mos koe”