VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

Reviewed her word doc and corrected it – talked about sentences and some grammar.


get used to it / adapt to it – shi ying

primary school – xiao xue

i have the words about my prepared – I have the words that / which I prepared
who – describe a person
that / which – describe a thing

choose from = your telling the person which ones are available
choose = it’s up to them, not you

so – the reason / the result
so that – the reason

they connect with us
they contact us

issue (a little less negative) = problem (a little negative)

believe – you think some specific thing is true
eg. I believe that Jesse’s name is actually Jesse.

trust – how you feel about sth / if you think it’s good or not
eg. I try to trust everyone I meet, unless they lie to me again and again


because + sentence
eg. I was late because it was raining.
because of + noun / phrase
eg. I was late because of the rain
eg2. I was late because of the heavy rain coming down all night.

they asked my questionthey asked me questions 

Apples are good for you = affect
I am good to you = the way it treats you
I am good at English = skill

My husband is good for me but sometimes he’s not good to me.

Learning English is hard
English is hard
Learning English with Jesse at SE every day at 5PM is hard

It is raining (v)
Rain is good (n)
is tiring (n)
I like running (n)
I like coffee (n)
I like running with my dog (n) which is fun