VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


arrange – araayyynnnjjj 

positive – parsehtiii (american)

tight lipped – adj
tight lippedness – n

coldness – n


to be honestlyto be honest 


what goes around comes around – if you do bad things to others, bad things will come back to you.

sticking to their guns – sb who doesn’t give up and wants to win is doing this
eg. neither of them will back down, they’re sticking to their guns

walking on eggshells – you feel like you can’t relax and just say or do whatever you want because the other person is sensitive
eg. you’re always in a bad mood these days – I feel like I’m walking on eggshells

please waitjust a moment / just a second / just a minute / hold on a second 

prior to it / previous to it – before it

elect = choose
election = the time when the people choose the country’s leader

meddle = to try to disturb / create problems

republican – right wing – red – conservative – Trump
democrat – left wing – blue – liberal – Clinton

military – army / airforce / navy

literally – actually a fact / actually real
eg. I’m literally hot (temperature is high), but you’re just hot (sexy)

he’s a pig = like a pig / mean / bad / ugly / smelly …

he’s literally a pig = zhu

or else / otherwise