VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

spent time trying to not say “uhh” and on grammar and sentence structure.


socialise / small talk / casual talk / chat = talk about life in a relaxed way

it’s nice to put a face to the name / it’s nice to finally meet you in person 

act / pretend
eg. I acted like I was busy / I acted busy / I pretended to be busy

fail / succeed
eg. we succeeded / we failed

she stayed home / she rested at home / she worked from home (she worked)
she’s on leave (she didn’t work)

man-made beach
eg. there is a man-made beach there

study / home-office – at office in your house

I’m not interested in being in a relationship 


almost all of them
almost 8:30 – not 8:30, it will be very soon

i make sure our event hold successwe make sure there isn’t mistakes in our part 

we have 2 leader will take picture for them – we have 2 leaders who we must take pictures for.

I have a student who is Cida.