VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


near my office there have a cafe – there is a cafe near my office

near / nearby 
the cafe is nearby = near here

road map – path 

when they get symptoms occur – when symptoms occur / when they have symptoms

they can’t tolerate – it can no longer be tolerated / they can no longer tolerate

in the hope of improving the symptoms
eg. I’m here in the hope of improving myself

you don’t need to – there’s no need to 

get help – receive help / receive treatment 

the patients are not crowded – hospitals are crowded / there are too many patients / the patient load on the hospital is high 

if you still have the cough for 2-4 weeks – if the symptoms persist for 2-4 weeks 

the length of time / the period of time between…. which means… 

also / as well as / and / on top of 
eg. I like you, as well as your friend = I like you and your friend
eg2. As well as drinking coffee, I drank tea
eg3. I think your English is good because of your pronunciation. On top of this, you’re also really confident.


when she came back I can gowhen she comes back I can go 

i usually don’t go to another place when national dayduring national day 

when I wake up, I am tired
during waking up / during the time that I wake up


symptomatic – simp tom mattick

life threatening – thret ten ning 

cyclical – sick lick kll

funnel – fun nel

to = “teh
too = “too
2 = “too
I want 2 too = I want too too
I want to get 2 too = I want teh get too too 
I want to go at 2 = I want teh go at too