VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

had a conversation about work – wrote a lot of useful vocabulary and corrected some grammar.


constructed – to make sth
eg. I constructed a good sentence

instruction / instructed
eg. She was instructed to finish her work and report to me, and she followed my instructions.

authentic = real / original
eg. I think xitang is more authentic than zhou zhuang

3 times bigger / the size
eg. it is 3 times bigger than zhouzhuang

pharmacology – the study of medicine / drugs

expiry / expiration date / due by date / used by date / best by date 
eg. all drugs have an expiration date

expire / expired
eg. it has almost expired

consultation – class
consulting – verb noun / process / to consult
consultant – person
eg. I am a consultant so I have consultations every day. I think consulting people is boring.

blood oxygen levels

not responding to treatment – the drug doesn’t work

react = side effect
respond = the drug works

non-urgent matter / thing / situation

breach the guidelines – break the rules


keep in line and i will behind of them they stood in line and I was behind them 

on daytimein the daytime / during the day 

give up her – to give her to someone else / directly
give up on her – regarding her, I give up


superior – soo peer ree er 

respiratory – res pri tory