VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


upgrade – make it better
update – make it newer

there is a traditional sentencethere is a traditional saying in Chinese which goes like “……”

education can’t replace experience

boarding school – the school you live at

I pay board to my parents – rent / life money

punishment – penalty

military = army
eg. my parents said they would send me to military school as punishment

I don’t get your point = funny and direct

I don’t really get what you mean = soft

rent = the money you pay every month for your house / apartment
eg. I have to pay rent every month

economic = money system
eg. the economic situation in china is not very good at the moment = the economy is bad

financial = related to money
eg. my financial situation is good

diabetes – die a bee teas = a bee died from drinking tea because he has tang niao bing

popular (many people like it) / common (many people do it)


there have a sentence to say – there is a saying which goes like….