VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

chatted about her course and life, focused on vocabulary


vulnerable – not safe / easy to hack / have a problem
eg. Windows is more vulnerable / has more vulnerabilities than MacOS .

isolate – separate / keep it by itself
eg. I try to isolate the problem

nervous (adj) – excited / scared / energetic / nervousness (n) – the feeling / nerves (n) – shen jing
eg. I think nervousness is hard to deal with during exams

anxious (adj) – worry / scared / nervous
eg. I am anxious about the test result

looking forward to < > dread
eg. I’m dreading the report from the doctor because I think I have a problem

reassure me / comfort me / encourage me 

deep into the details – on a deeper level 

the long time i didn’t touch the maths – the amount of time I haven’t been doing maths
eg. i think the problem is because of the amount of time I ….

they are in in this industry / they work in this field 

run the homework by my friend / get my friend’s take on the homework = ask your friend questions about it that they can answer

naive – sb who is young and therefore lacking knowledge / wisdom

it’s a bit of a pity / little pitty

whereabouts are you staying at the moment? / so I was just wondering… where are you staying in shanghai?


he might can’t explain me … – he might not be able to explain to me


doubt – no “b”

them – “eh”