VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

talked about a recent patient and focused on vocabulary and asking good questions


excel file 

hand out – to give to others
hand back / hand in – others give to the people who delegated to them

instruction – details on how to do sth

it’s exhausting / tiring 

waitress on the plane = flight attendant 

treat a patient for her – take over a patient from her 

it’s on my dutyit was during my shift / it was when I was on duty

stool – the formal word for poo / da bian
eg. the patient has black stool

what were the symptoms the patient presented with?
give me some of the details regarding the frequency and quantity of _____.
give me any further details that you gathered from the family or from the patient directly.

i was a little angryi was getting frustrated 

quilt – bei zi
blanket – tan zi

milliliters – mils
liters – L

observe – to watch, look at sth to try to find something / find some detail

arrogant & naive 


months / clothes