VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Talk about DSPs in relation to an actual project Essie has to do.


stuffed nose / congested nose 

lay her off / make her redundant

view – from 1 point, like a picture
eg. the view from Jesse’s office is really nice
vision (n) – ability to see
scenery – surroundings / environment
eg. the scenery in Phuket is mostly city buildings and ….
scene – movies / play / situation
eg. I love this scene in the movie where they fall in love

advertisement company advertising company 

Demand side platforms (DSPs)


that group peoplethat group of people 

are you cold? – your personality / the environment is low temperature
do you have a cold? – are you sick with a cold?

do you have a fever / temperature? 

I want to share you – I want to share it with you 

it looks not very good it doesn’t look very good 

it’s too tired it’s too tiring 

how long you fly to australia directlyhow long does it take to fly to Australia directly 

how long did it take you to finish your homework? It took about 10 minutes for me to finish it
how long does it take to get there? It takes 5 minutes to get there
how long until we get there? We need 5 minutes to get there
how long will it be? It will be 5 minutes

how far – distance / time
how far is JingAn Temple from here?
how far is LA from Shanghai by plane?

I want a return flight to LA … / I want a one-way flight to LA


law – “lor

find – “eye