VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

+ choose some words from other classes.

Next Class Focus

Write an email in a professional and clear way to cover the below details.

Brief a project to an agency, background, objective, our initial idea, what we need the agency to deliver.

Internal discussion to confirm objectives, then brief agency

Firstly, the campaign objective is to build brand awareness via very crazy social topic / outlandish / sth to create buzz, so the sales is not the main objective for this campaign…. the price is not fixed / we haven’t settled on the price

I need your help to deliver the below things: core creative ideas, theme for this champion coffee like a slogan or story to make them interested, need communication assets including video of outdoor advertising, lift poster, key visuals, KOLs / social plan, budget and deadline.


paints – sth you use to paint with
painting – artist makes this / picture

auction – pai mai
eg. I bought the painting at an action

many times ago a long time ago / ages ago 

699 – 6 hundred and 99 

roast the beans – in an oven
bake a chicken – in an oven

let them interested in itmake them interested in it
let = allow
eg. I let my son play games after he finishes his homework


my sister is visited my house – she visited my house


visual – vishh youuu all (3 sounds)

experience – ecks peer ree yens (4 sounds)