VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Write about your experience at the dentist – what problems have you had and how do you feel about dentists these days?

Today we focused on:

Watched a short clip from mr bean cartoon and talked all about teeth and going to the dentist


popcorn – bao mi hua
eg. Mr Bean is eating popcorn on the sofa


couch / sofa / lounge 

living room / lounge room 

advertising / ad / advertisement – guang gao
eg. he was watching advertising but he thought it was a movie

lollipop – a type of candy on a stick

vampire – Dracula

corn kernel – hard ball of the corn before it pops

he broke his tooth

his feels pain in his mouth
his mouth hurts
it is painful when he eats / moves
his mouth is sore
eg. He goes to the bathroom to see his tooth and check if his tooth is broken or not, and also see if it moves when he pushes it.

filling – the dentist puts something in the hole in your tooth
eg. I had a cavity so I went to the dentist to get a filling / I have many fillings

brush my teeth – use a toothbrush
floss my teeth – use a thin line / string

child < > adult
when I was young < > after I grew up 

fix – to make it right
eg. the dentist didn’t fix my tooth problem

postpone – say you will do it later
eg. i postponed getting braces

wisdom teeth – the big 4 teeth you get after 20 years old

2nd opinion – to ask another doctor to confirm what a previous doctor said
eg. I should get a 2nd opinion

enamel – the stuff that protects your teeth

plaque – the stuff that builds up on your teeth that cleaning can remove


ache = “ayk”

toothache – tooth ayk 
headache – hed ayk