VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

discussed ideas for going to another country and tried to stop saying “yes”


every time i meditate
every time i do meditation

give up – stop doing sth u want to do
eg. I always give up after doing something for 3 months

work is stressful / I am stressed
work has a lot of pressure / I get a lot of pressure from work
eg. I have a lot of pressure from my job but I don’t feel stressed because I meditate

addicted / addictive
eg. I am addicted to coffee because caffeine is addictive

crash – to suddenly go down / suddenly break
eg. your energy levels crash after having a lot of coffee

dizzy / light headed – tou yun
eg. I feel a little light headed after smoking

we have a saying that goes like …
eg. in English we have a saying which goes like “what goes around comes around”

another peoples someone else 


do it for a long time

in my work time = during work