VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use the words from today to write about your dog. What are some funny things your dog does when it tries to communicate (交流) with you?

Today we focused on:

Kept reading the dog vs cats book


on my 3 years oldwhen I was 3 years old


hair dryer – a machine you use to dry your hair

communicate – jiao liu
eg. dogs and cats use many sounds to communicate

purr – cat happy sound
meow – cat talking sound
yowl – cat sad sound
hiss – cat angry / scared
growl – cat very angry

chat – to talk about anything / 随便聊一聊
eg. I chatted with Jesse about my dog

wag – when a dog / cat moves its tail
eg. a dog wags its tail when it’s happy

aggressive – to be angry and attack
eg. some dogs are very aggressive but most dogs are friendly