VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


limit – control the amount

expensive – gui

afford – have enough money to buy

mortgage – loan from the bank for a house
eg. my mum has paid her mortgage for 15 years

lower class
middle class
upper class 

10 times the cost = 10X
double the cost = 2X

100 … 1000 = 10X = 10 times

boom (n / v)
eg. the real estate industry boomed from 1998

jail / prison – the place you go when you’re bad / police take you there

mine – kuang
eg. I wanted to work in a mine

just before – gang gang
eg. I just had a coffee

prefer < > avoid 

to the front / in front of us / ahead of us 
above us 
under / below us 
on the right / on our right < > on the left / on our left 

I cross the road / it is across the road / it is on the other side of the road 

colleague – someone i work with / they work in my company / we work together 
classmate – someone i went to school with / we went to the same school / he was in my class

change topics – by the way / that reminds me / i want to tell you /

female < > male 

mate – an animal having sex
eg. cats mate for a few months every year


it will be like HK / it will become like HK / it will change and become like HK

they will backthey will go back