VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


practice talking around a subject, record yourself and try not to directly answer the question until the last moment. Start with simple topics. (like: what’s your favorite color / hobbies / what’s the difference between a zoo and a park)


fresh off the boat – totally new

eg. I feel like a veteran at work

mock case – fake / practice
mocking sth / sb – copy in a negative way

copy / imitate

grabbed my attention / caught my eye – sth i noticed immediately

a necessary thing / a necessity 

classmates – people I went to school with / people i studied with 

colleague – someone I work with / we work together 

negatively affected by the OBOR – there were repercussions

and so ahhh there uhh…  – try to avoid it

supposed / quote unquote / so called 

subdued – calmed / quiet / lacking energy


tongue – tung
like “chang ge”