VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


it might be because of some maths concepts i can’t understand in english

it’s hard to me to understand – for me 

I want to show you something which surprised me yesterday


prior knowledge – sth you learned before

there is vague concept – i have some recollection of it

it’s very exhausteddraining / tiring / exhausting / frustrating 

it’s really fulfilling / I feel really fulfilled 

sentence – communication
line – code / poetry

Eureka – you reek ka / the moment when you suddenly get something / figure something out
eg. I had a eureka moment / I said “eureka”

mortgage – bank loan for a home / property

we spend a little money on other thingswe need to control our budget / spending

social welfare – support from the gov

reverted – change back
eg. after a few years in sh he reverted to his chinese ways

masters – he was doing his post graduate studies


algorithm – al gor RITHEM 

prerequisite – pree RECK kwez zit