VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

talked about life, being a kid, focused on vocabulary and a bit of grammar


we need to prepare a lot of worksa lot of work

if she checked it she would find it – if she had checked it she would have found it

go out to the officeleft the office / went out of the office 

I never danced when I growed up – I never danced when I was growing up 


the 3 of us – women san ge ren

didn’t take it seriously = didn’t care about it

“don’t shoot the messenger” – I’m not the one making the decision so don’t blame me

tell on you / dob on you – to tell your boss / teacher about someone who did something bad

“dibba dobby Cindy, you’re in kindy”

kindergarten – before primary school
eg. I was in kindergarten when I was 2 years old

bureaucratic – byou row kra tick / a lot of red tape
eg. my hospital is very bureaucratic / my hospital has a lot of red tape

flight attendant / air hostess – the waiter / waitress on a plane

“return your seat to the upright position” 

tend – help / fix / care for

delicate – easy to break
delegate – to give work

try to do
try doing


calm – “carm

isle – “eyel