VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

discussed email writing + and had conversation


not workable – the website wasn’t working

workable < > not workable – if the plan / project can be effective
work < > doesn’t work – ok to use or broken

if your company’s business is very wellvery good / running well 

obsessive-compulsive disorder – qiang po zheng

obsessed – can’t stop thinking about it
compulsive / compulsion – can’t stop doing it
eg. she is an obsessive compulsive cleaner – she can’t stop thinking about or doing the cleaning

I have an eating disorder = problem with my brain

borrow / take < > lend / give

I can’t tell the difference = I don’t know the difference
eg. I can’t tell the difference between one coffee and another = Is this good or bad coffee? I can’t tell.

alcohol = jiu jin
wine = pu tao jiu / mi jiu (14%)
sake = qing jiu
beer = pi jiu (4-8%)
spirits = 40% – 50% – strong alcohol
cocktail = spirits + juice / other flavor

tipsy = a little feeling of alcohol
drunk = a lot of alcohol feeling
eg. I am tipsy

tolerance – rong ren
eg. girls generally have a lower tolerance to alcohol and other drugs than men

addicted (adj) / addict (n)
eg. my friend is a addict / my friend is addicted to alcohol

we use cigarettes to light the firework 

Please kindly find the attached file with respect to … / Attached is the file / Please refer to the attached file / I have attached the file for your reference. 


If you have some concern we can conduct another meeting to look into it further.

If there is anything further you’d like to discuss regarding this, please let me know, and I will keep you posted on any updates.

Should you have any further concerns or questions regarding this, please let me know in reply to this email.