VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


I’m considering about itI’m considering it = thinking about
I’m discussing about itI’m discussing it = talking about

most of peoplemost people 

most of time
most of the time 

Most good computers are expensive
Most computers are made of plastic
Most of my computers are Apple
Most Apple computers are good
Most of Apple’s computers are good
Most of the time I am busy at work


when did they release it / when did it come out? = launch

resolution = how many pixels per inch
eg. the resolution for this monitor is a lot higher than the old version

searched – looked it up (online / book)

hard drive / disk space – the place you can put files on a computer


most badworst 

I didn’t use any power on it I did use much force to push it / I didn’t put much pressure on it 

pressure / force / power – how hard you push
eg. I used a lot of force / put pressure on / put power into / used some power to push
strength – potential / ability to put power into sth
eg. I don’t have much strength
energy – tired / not tired
eg. I don’t have much energy

charge it – chong dian

multiple = more than 1

multi-player = more than 1 player
single player = 1

custom (adj)
SE offers a custom course for each student
SE courses are customised for each student

wireless – no wires
eg. it has wireless charging

loveless – no love