VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

discussed ideas for improving social media and focused on grammar


i used you shared with me the templatei used the template which you shared with me 

i focused on arranging some products and make sure it has enough inventory


received the approval / got approval / my boss approved it

please let me know if we have enough inventory and which products we do not have enough of / which products we don’t have.

attach – v
attachment – n
attached – v / adj

express my mind express myself 

speak my mind = to be able to freely say what you feel

Levis: social media proposed content changes (make changes to the current social media approach to improve)

1 – current fans are potential customers, problem is current target is young but not effective

2 – ….

(easy) Today, we’re here to talk about and look at the current social media status at Levis, at some ways that we can improve what we’re doing.

(harder) Today we’ll be discussing and taking a closer look at the current situation with this company’s social media strategy, and analyzing some approaches to make progress and enrich the content we’re producing.

Slide 1:

first up / on slide 1 / on the first page is / the first point we’ll be discussing is…

As you can see from ____ (referencing the slide / picture)
From this _____ it is clear that ____ (referencing the slide / picture)

I feel that we can improve this situation by ______ (action point)
I believe that we’re able to fix this problem by ______ (action point)

calm down – you’re too excited / angry / high, you should try to relax
eg. you need to calm down and stop being so angry

lonely – sad because you feel alone
eg. I am really lonely in SH because my family and friends are not here

sit down and think about it / spend some time alone to focus 

i know – I already knew that
i see / i get it / i got it – ming bai

I’m just in charge of sth…

come up with = have an idea

suggest / tell / advise 

I know what the thing on the table with the white case next to Cida is.
What is that thing? 

I know what the thing that you’re doing with me in the room is. = the thing is having class. 

the stock of the shoes is really low / the shoes are very limited 

situation – location / general / where you are and what you’re doing
condition – status – good / not good …
eg. My situation at work is that I am an employee and a lady is my boss. I think my company’s condition is quite good in this industry.

the website server is overloaded 


file – feye yel