VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

practice telling which thing on the menu you want using the words from today

Today we focused on:

words we can use in restaurants for ordering, and working at mcdonalds.


press – an / dian
eg. you need to press the account button to select your rewards

top left < > right
bottom left < > right

row (left right) / column (up down)

2nd from the / 3rd from the left / top / bottom / right

far / very left / top / bottom / right
eg. I want the beef burger, which is the 2nd from the top row, on the far left.

rewards – gift for doing sth good
eg. Jesse got a reward from McDonalds which was some french fries

peak time / peak hour / rush hour – the busy time of the day (8AM / 6PM)
eg. i hate working at MCD during peak hour

finish work – xia ban
start work / go to work – shang ban

death stare – someone looks at you in a very angry way
eg. my boss death stared me when I made a mistake

muffin – breakfast burger
hamburger – burger
wrap – juan
eg. I want a chicken wrap

nugget – small pieces of chicken

chicken fillet / patty
beef patty
fish fillet / fillet-o-fish 

Big Mac – beef
McChicken – chicken
Fillet-o-fish – fish

coke – ke le

refill – you can keep adding drink to your cup
eg. you can get your refills at the counter

french fries / fries / chips – shu tiao

upsize = make the meal a bigger size
eg. Would you like to upsize your meal to a large for only 5 RMB?

eat in / eat here
take away / take out 


it’s very tiredit’s very tiring so I am really tired