VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Today we focused on:

talked all about travel vocabulary and how to get around when traveling


have a lot of work to dothere is a lot of work to do / I have a lot of work to do 


classmate – someone in my class / a kid I went to school with / I went to school with him
colleague – someone I work with / a lady in my team / I work with her

I work closely with her / we work closely together 

sneakers / runners / joggers / trainers = running shoes / casual shoes

baggage allowance / luggage – travel bags

overweight (fat) / over the limit (too heavy)

scale – sth to weigh sth
eg. please place your bags on the scale

belt / luggage belt / conveyor belt 

delayed – flight is late
eg. The flight was 10 minutes late / delayed by 10 minutes

Excuse me – if you need to get their attention
Sorry – all situations

Sorry, could you help me get a blanket?
Sorry, could I get a blanket / whiskey / drink of water?

Sorry, I was just wondering / I just wanted to know …. how long will it be until we arrive?

Sorry, I’m just transferring to Phuket, how can I get to the gate? / Can you help me to find my way to the gate?

power point / power socket – cha zuo

bath robe – yu pao

Sorry I was just wondering, what time does room service go until? / What is the latest time I can order room service? / Is room service 24 hours a day?

When does breakfast finish every morning? / What time is breakfast?

Could I get a table (with a view / at the window / in a private room) for 2 at 8PM tonight?
I was just wondering if you had a table with a view…. for tonight at around 8PM

Asking for directions
I’m trying to get to ________, do you have any idea how to get there?
I’m looking for a cafe / the subway, is there one nearby?

reserve / book / get / make a reservation

chopsticks – kuai zi
spoon – shao
fork – cha
knife – dao

sauce – jiang

pepper – hu jiao

soy sauce – jiang you

vinegar – cu

olive oil – gan lan you

bread basket

chips / french fries 


arrange – a rayyynnnj

I justa finishuu

scan – scaaaaan / apple