VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


useless < > useful

there are still some things I’m wondering about

artistic creation

it just talk aboutit is just about 

creation (n) – things you make
creativity (n) – the skill of creating

believe – to think sb is true / real
eg. I believe that your name is Jesse. I believe in God.
trust – the way you think about sth / relationship with sb
eg. I trust my family and friends.

modern art = contemporary art

I want to get some answers to my questions regarding my profession

I want to elevate myself and my profession

innate / native 
eg. creativity is innate / wanting to be successful is innate

I want to learn art in a systematic way from the ground up

art is such a big thing

practical (doing) < > theoretical (knowledge)
practice (process of doing) < > theory (ideas)

hypo (fake)
thetical (adj)

empathy / compassion – to feel for other people / think about others
eg. I have compassion for people who live on the street

education / educated
eg. people who have a higher education / people who are better educated

hypothetical = a not real situation

How to satisfy them

I have so much experience in doing it, but there are so many gaps in my knowledge that I really want to fill with knowledge and theory to enable me to understand my craft and profession better.

eg. you know the definition but you don’t know the meaning in practice (in a real useful situation)

incorporate natural elements into your jewelry design

by my experiencefrom my experience 

I used to do it = in the past I did it, but I don’t now
eg. I used to live in Beijing but now I live in China.
I am used to doing it = I’m comfortable with it / familiar
eg. I’m used to studying with Jesse but I don’t know other teachers

my free time / leisure time / personal time / own time = the time when I can choose what I want to do

information – details
instruction – tell sb how to do sth

CV / resume

I want to translate my experience into knowledge and theory that I can express to others.