VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

2.Talk about a social problem or issue your country is currently facing.

3. Do you think having plastic surgery is a good idea?

4.Do you agree with the following statement? Happiness comes primarily from helping others.


have some drinks – drink some alcohol

5.Do you agree or disagree with the statement that it is important to live close to your parents.

in the early of August in early August 

it’s not about whether it’s important / whether it’s important or not is not the point

i felt some stress on my shoulderweight on my shoulders 

alcohol = drink / liquor
eg. I drink = I like alcohol
eg2. let’s go for a drink = let’s drink alcohol

Alcohol types:
beer – beer
wine – red / white
spirits – whiskey etc
distilled wine – strong wine / dessert

cocktails – spirits + juice / flavoring

Do you tend to buy newly released e-products as soon as possible, or do you prefer wait?

just comes out / releases 

months / clothes – pronunciation

queue / line / stand in line / line up – pai dui

personal preference – up to your own standards / interests

never looked back – never regretted

user friendlyintuitive / don’t need to learn, just know how to use / comfortable using
compatible – 2 things connect and work together easily

very excellentso amazing / incredibly good / excellent 

stunning = very very beautiful / very very good
eg. she’s stunning

1.Some people who unexpectedly receive a large sum of money spend it on practical things, while others spend it more frivolously. Which do you think is better and why?

character – jue se

impulse – sth that makes you want to buy sth suddenly and it’s hard to avoid
eg. I often buy things on impulse

material / fabric