VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Read more of the book, write the words you don’t know. Summarise what you’ve read.

Today we focused on:

Went through diary of a wimpy kid book, talked about the words that she didn’t understand.


clear up right away / get sth straight / say sth for the record

figure – think / guess
eg. I figure you’re about 25 years old…?

later on – later

right away – right now / immediately

gonna = going to do
wanna = want to do
shoulda = should have done
coulda = could have done

handy – useful
eg. iPhones are really useful because you can do so much with them in your daily life

stuck – can’t move / can’t change
eg. I’m stuck in my job and I can’t get a new one

moron / idiot / stupid / dumb = ben

invent / make / create
eg. the iPhone was invented by Steve Jobs

wonder / want to know / think about 
eg. I was wondering if you had any time to meet me tomorrow = Can you meet me tomorrow?

get off my way  – get out of my way = outta my way – move!!

then again / dui le / change your mind

up to you / sui bian ni / your decision

primary school / elementary school
middle school
high school

teacher the teacher / my teacher / teachers 

distance – space / gap 
eg. I feel like there is some distance between us

how to sayyou know, ummm, hmmm, let me think