VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

Today we focused on:

talked about shopping / shopping malls, did lots of vocabulary.


coffee storecafe 

atmosphere – the feeling around you / environment

window shopping – to look around the shops but not plan to buy
eg. I like to go window shopping on the weekend

chain / franchise
eg. it is a chain bookstore

jewelry – things you wear around your neck, fingers, etc..

annoying – fan
eg. the printer is so annoying

(how) can I help you? / what can I do for you? / what are you looking for? / just let me know if you need anything

Sorry, I’m looking for some…
I’d like to get some…
I’m interested in getting some…

some pants / gloves / shoes / socks / glasses ….
a hat / shirt / skirt / dress ….

in + color

plastic bag / plastic 
wooden table / wood
paper bag / paper
woolen sweater / wool
leather – niu pi
metal pot / metal 
glass table / glass 
denim – the material used to make jeans
silk dress / silk – si chou


material = fabric
material = sth used to make sth

handbag / purse 
briefcase / work bag
wallet / female wallet / purse  
suitcase / luggage 

dull < > bright
dark < > light 

it fits my clothing / it is suitable for my clothing / it matches my clothing – looks good with it
the bag fits many clothes – big enough

shoulder strap – the thing on your bag that goes around your shoulder

everyday use < > special occasion (like a wedding)


pay a cup of coffeepay for a cup of coffee 

what do you shop for? what do you like to go shopping for? = why do you do it?

what do you read for? = why do you read?


cafe / pay / way 

way – w is like an “o” shape