VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


not many peoples to buynot many people buy / there aren’t many people who buy 

if the day is very tired – if the day is very tiring

this class is boring so I am bored 

you are so annoying! = I’m angry with you so I feel annoyed


yes – yeah / yep / yup 

you’re right – that’s it / exactly / totally

climate change – the problem of the earth changing its climate
eg. climate change is a big problem in the world right now

up and down – always changing
eg. my mood is very up and down

the weather is very extreme
eg. I love extreme sports like skydiving and bungee jumping

better < > worse 
eg. the planet is getting worse and worse

i search in the internet i looked it up online 

can’t feel danger (n)

upside down – fan zhuan

procrastinate – the habit  of always saying “i’ll do it later” and giving up
eg. I always procrastinate.

I always put things off – say “i’ll do it later”

correct – gai zheng
eg. you need to correct your chinglish mistakes

recently I’ve done less 

meditation – ming xiang
eg. I meditate every day.


earth – “erth”