VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


I’m = My name is

It’s = telling them who is on the phone

America / the US / the states

the UK

the middle east



borrow (take) < > lend (give)

Some time ago Yuki sent some sample clothes to you for the KOLs to use, is it correct that you do not have enough clothes for the current KOL?

those clothes are not enough for these KOLs to use for now?

Please kindly tell us, what is the current status of the sample clothes that we have already given you.



the phone is big.
the black phone with a japanese cartoon case is big
japanese styled black phone is big

the phone that is black and has a japanese cartoon case is big.
the toy that
is furry, cute and feels very soft, on the table, is in front of me.
the thing
that I want to tell you is ….
the thing
that we discussed in the meeting was about this position. 
the thing
that my company wants me to do is
the thing that we sell is …
in front me is a thing that I can use to send emails and go online.

the assets will August 20 embargo

The assets, which new balance collaborated with Levis on, will be available from August 20th. As a result / Due to this / So we should post to Weibo on August 20th and we can / I suggest that we / I recommend that we post to / push content to / publish on WeChat on August 19th.

the Levis – NB assets, which we discussed last meeting regarding global marketing, will be available from August 20th

Making Sentences

[ Main Idea + Details ] ___CONJUNCTION___ [ Main Idea + Details ]

[ I come to Smart English + to study English + with Jesse ]__BECAUSE __[ I think English is important + for me + to improve myself. ]

[ Main Idea ] = [ TIME + SUBJECT + VERB + OBJECT + TIME ]

[ Yesterday, Jesse went to Australia ] / [ Jesse went to Australia yesterday ]

[ Details ] = To study / For English / With Judy / At 5PM / By myself / At Smart English