VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Bring a PPT / email to next class.


when I talked about how I went to… / the experience of going to 

for last 3 months – for the last 3 months / during / over

I went to USI went to the US 

it’s getting bigger and biggerit’s growing / it’s increasing in size / in scale 

to make it go live to ensure it goes live / make sure 

as my role of product manageras my role is project manager / as a project manager 

it’s launched on last December – it was launched last December 

yesterday – no “on”
last year – no “on”

how to say – slow down and be careful with your words 

what kind of customer are they... – what kind of customer they are 

whether it fit to our brandwhether it fits our brand 


elders – the elderly / retired / they’re a bit older / they’re over 60 

all of us / the entire team

eg. My friends, Jesse and Judy have an iPhone and Huahui respectively.

short-staffed – not enough staff in the team
eg. we’re short staffed at the moment

promotion / promoted
eg. I got promoted

change a new job – find a new job / looking for some new opportunity / change to a new company 

funding / budget / approval 
eg. we need to check if there’s budget for it and get approval 
eg2. if we don’t have funding for the project we need to ask for approval 

what kind of result we got achieved / whether the targets were reached 

authority – power

because – due to the fact that / as / since 

some kind of thissomething like that / that kind of thing 

escalate it
eg. we cannot decide by ourselves, we need to escalate it (to the managers)

cannot work well – effective / the results were not very positive 


naive – neye eeev