VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


get promoted
eg. I want to get promoted asap

first job experiencework experience 

procurement – cai gou
eg. I worked in procurement for my last job / in my last company

client – ke hu (professional than customer)

sanctuary / refuge (n) – place
eg. my room is like my sanctuary

refugee (person)
eg. we should let refugees into our country

stowaway – a person who hides on some transportation to travel somewhere for free

stow – put away
eg. please stow your luggage in the overhead compartment

blown away
eg. Judy was totally blown away by the flowers and balloons

eg. you can’t get promoted just yet but you may next year, so in the meantime stay positive and work hard!

get off to a ___ start
eg. today got off to a bad start because of the rain, but it ended great because I got a promotion

fuzzy – dizzy / not clear vision / mind
fussy – indecisive / hard to please (hard to be satisfied)
eg. I’m a very fussy eater.


at Friday – on Friday

6 or 5 years5 or 6 years 

at my departmentin my department 

i want to join in this position i want to get this position 

it’s a small company, and they doesn’t focus on…