VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


taste = try the flavor
drink / have = action

increasement – 30% increase / an increase of 30%

her pronounce is very wellher pronunciation is very good

thick < > thin
eg. Lyon likes thick crust meat pizza

ingredient – materials for cooking

topping – the things on top of the pizza
base – bread
crust – the bread at the end of the pizza that you hold

congee – mi fan de zhou
porridge – mai pian de zhou

soy milk – dou nai / jiang

boiled (hard boiled egg / soft boiled egg)
fried (sunny side up / over easy / over hard – well done)
scrambled – chao dan

bird flu – qin liu gan

steak – niu pai

catch up
eg. me and Lyon caught up about his job

mean < > nice 
eg. I’m mean to you