VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


hand out < > hand in 

triple – 3 times / 3 X
eg. 30 is triple 10

Jessica is very zen / fo xi 

pray – beg to god
eg. I prayed for a handsome man to fall in love with me

save face – you mian zi
eg. if you have a handsome boy it’s easier for you to save face than if you have an ugly boy

handsome < > ugly 

bear greater risk
eg. if you have an ugly boy you bear greater risk to your face

friend-zone – bei tai
eg. i was friend-zoned by her / I was put in the friend-zone by her

emergency protocol – procedures that are planned in event of some specific situation


the homework have 10 there are 10 entries of homework 

they have to in charge of many other departments they have to be in charge…

you stop take it you stop taking it