VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use these words in some writing – choose a topic that lets you use them.

attempt / ensure / make progress / quite skilled / time-saver / inefficient


how long does it last? / how long will it last? / how long will it go for?
eg. Our class lasts for 1 hour, and our course lasts for 1 year
eg2. training lasts for 9 months

biggest typhoon / the strongest wind

out of – from in to out
eg. I went out of my department to get a sandwich

outside – just out
eg. the rain is heavy outside

flood – too much water
eg. my house flooded / there was a flood in Shanghai

record the details of / about my working

room for improvement

positives (good) < > negatives (bad)

Vocabulary upgrade from last class’ speaking

These days I am trying / attempting to make / ensure my employees improve their skills / make progress. There are a couple of ways to achieve this, one of the ways is that I want to record first-person view of me coding  and show this record/video to them, I have a lot of skills to use I’m quite skilled in using some tools and use some hotkeys are time-savers -when you’re coding the hotkeys will save your time. I want to show them my skills / methods / processes. While watching them code (from behind) them I found out/realized that the way (in which)they are using coding tools is making their performance low / inefficient, so I think that I need to show my skills to them.


no use the part – the useless part

when I start to into the state – when I start to get into the state